24 Hour Emergency Vet San Jose Ca

24 Hour Emergency Vet San Jose CA (408) 565-8307 Is your pet hurt and needs a veterinarian in San Jose CA immediately? Call us right now and get help fast!

We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and are standing by for your call. Like you, our staff loves animals and considers them members of the family.

If you wait too long to seek help, your pet could become sicker and may require additional treatment that could otherwise have been prevented.

We are the best 24 hour emergency vet service in San Jose, CA! If you need help now dial our receptionist at (408) 565-8307 and we will get you help right now.

Emergency Symptoms Include (But Are Not Limited To):

• Trouble Breathing or Ceased Breathing

• Swollen Muzzle (Face)

• Excessive Vomiting

• Excessive Diarrhea

• Inability to go to the Bathroom

• Extreme Cases of Lethargy

• Extreme Cases of Pain or Inability to Move

• Anything Else that is Uncharacteristic of your Pet

If your pet has gotten into anything that you think may have harmed them (for example rat poison, antifreeze, prescription drugs, etc.), please bring the box or bottle or as much information as you can get from the product and bring it with you to your emergency veterinary appointment. This will help the doctor (DMV) in determining the best course of action to take in making your pet well again.

Our pet hospital provides the best diagnostic, medical, and surgical methods and procedures for our animal patients and offer complete veterinary services for your pets.

We also work closely with various specialists and will refer you to them when needed.

Our 24 hour emergency vet phone number is (408) 565-8307. We’ll have a receptionist standing by for your call.

We understand the special role your pet plays in your life and family, and we are dedicated to becoming an active partner in your pet’s health care.

As veterinarians we will not only offer you sound medical advice, but we also believe in optimal veterinary care, that will give you the enjoyment of your beloved pet companion for years to come. This means that we will not only treat your pet when he or she is sick, but we will also take the time to discuss with you how to keep your pet as healthy and happy for as long as possible.

Thank you for contacting out 24 hour emergency vet hotline.

We look forward to helping you!

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